Crown Capital Eco Management: Is Light Pollution the Easiest Environmental Problem to Fix?



Not so terribly long ago, people everywhere experienced nights so black that even the Milky Way could cast shadows on the earth. According to some estimates, around 80 percent of people now live under night skies so polluted by artificial light that they’ve never seen the Milky Way at all.

As with many aspects of modern life, light pollution represents both a triumph of technology and a minor disaster. Along with increased safety, convenience and economic benefits, an artificially lit world brings heath problems, environmental degradation and another layer of inefficient energy consumption. It also disrupts a fundamental relationship that has evolved between humans and the natural world. Far from the province just of goblins and bandits, historians such as A. Roger Ekrich have noted how darkness influenced cultural and social practices. The territory of intimacy and imagination, night can also carve out a refuge from the never-ending responsibilities of the day.

This notion, that night is an integral, and profound, part of the human experience, not merely a few inconvenient hours away from the sun, underpins author Paul Bogard’s impassioned defense The End of Night: Searching for Darkness in an Age of Artificial Light.

In the book, Bogard, who teaches creative nonfiction and environmental writing at James Madison University, and often lectures on the subject of light pollution, charts a geography of night across Western Europe and North America in which the majority of their residents under 40 have been raised in a world without “real night.” For Bogard, who spent his childhood summers in the dark nights at the edge of a Minnesota lake, the pace at which we’re relighting the world has pushed us to the cusp of an incalculable loss. Unchecked, the damage renders our world not just poorer, but also smaller. Throughout human history, for instance, the night sky has offered a taste of transcendence with its awe-inspiring beauty. “And in this beauty,” Bogard writes in the introduction to The End of Night, “the overwhelming size of the universe has seemed less ominous, Earth’s own beauty more incredible. If indeed the numbers and distances of the night sky are so large that they become nearly meaningless, then let us find the meaning under our feet.”

In the edited conversation below, the author discusses the dangers of staying up late with your iPad and the $2.2 billion we could recoup overnight.

PBS piece on light pollution talks about how, after a huge power outage struck LA in the 1990s, Angelenos were reportedly so freaked out by the appearance of “strange clouds” hovering overhead that they called 911—evidently that was the first time most of them had ever gotten a glimpse of the Milky Way. At this point, what relationship do you think most modern Americans have to the night sky?

I remember recently being in Times Square, and there was so much light that it just felt like we were in a domed stadium almost, looking up at something totally artificial above us. That is obviously the extreme of the situation, but I think that when most Americans are living now in cities and suburbs where they’re getting anywhere from two dozen to four dozen stars instead of 2,500, which is the number you could see on a normal night with no light pollution, it’s almost like why bother? Why have a relationship? I don’t know if most people even look up and notice the stars. And certainly way, way back, when a night sky was something that would tell you stories about your life, we’re way beyond that.

I have very good friends in New Mexico, and I was just out at one of the pueblos there, like an hour from Albuquerque. I said to our guide, it must be amazing here at night, and he said, yeah it is, and I asked, do you have stories associated with the constellations for example? He said, yeah, we have a whole mythology filled with stories about how to live and what a good life is and all that. Human culture in America is totally disconnected from that now.

Your book incorporates a number of literary quotes, as well as references to artists and thinkers like Van Gogh and Thoreau. You seem to be drawing an implicit connection between darkness and the creative impulse.

I was just working on an essay where I was talking about the intangible value of darkness. At least a significant part of its value is these intangibles, like we were just talking in terms of mythology and metaphorical darkness, and I wrote something like, “Darkness is always a part of creation, every artist knows that.” Every artist has had that experience where you’re just like, oh my god, I don’t know what to do next, what’s the next line? What should I paint here? That’s that darkness. It’s not being able to see; it’s not obvious; it’s not lit up.


Element14: Victory for residents as housing association replaces boilers, international capital crown management boilers news


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FAMILIES in Tile Hill suffering with spiralling energy costs will finally have their boilers replaced.

Some residents in a new estate off Torrington Avenue were forced to spend winter without heating or hot water because of the cost of their bills.


But now Accord Housing Association has confirmed residents will have their energy-efficient boilers replaced in favour of standard gas boilers in the hope of lowering costs.


A hardship fund has also been set up to help compensate residents who have paid out more than they should have.


The company has been heavily criticised in recent weeks for not removing boilers from all houses sooner but was praised this week for the change of heart.


Coun Ed Ruane, cabinet member for housing at Coventry City Council, has led the residents’ fightback since hearing of the issue earlier the year.


He told the Observer: “I was delighted with the response from Accord HA.


“They were very positive about how they want to address this on-going problem and stated that they will remove the NIBE boilers at the request of tenants who want them removed regardless of the size of the property and they will be looking to make compensation payments which span over 3 years, not just the last 12 months.


“They stated that letters will be sent out shortly to all local residents confirming this and local residents meetings will be set up shortly to co-ordinate this action.”


We reported last month how Coun Ruane and MP Geoffrey Robinson visited families in Robert Mounford Way and Alan Marcell Close to find out more about the problems.


And the issue was even raised on BBC’s The One Show with news presenter Angela Rippon speaking to tearful parents worried how they would heat their homes.


Boiler manufacturers NIBE insist the energy-efficient technology is not the cause of the high bills and has instead pointed the finger at poor installation or under-sizing.


A spokesperson for the Accord Group said: “The Accord Group has made a commitment to replace NIBE boilers in all four and five bedroomed homes.


“In addition we will replace NIBE boilers in two and three bedroomed homes where energy bills are higher than would be expected and where tenants request a replacement.


“A hardship fund has been established to assist those affected and we have held a number of surgeries asking affected tenants to provide us with copies of their energy bills.


“To date around one third of tenants on this estate have responded to our survey and about a quarter of them have currently provided us with a full set of energy bills.


“Anyone who has not yet sent their energy bills can either email us at or send them to NIBE Admin team, Accord Group, 178 Birmingham Road, West Bromwich, B70 6QG.”

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Although Crown cooperates with various organizations, we maintain our being an independent body, free from control of any particular government, state or institution and unimpaired by their own respective interests.

Public Awareness
Educating and enlisting the public to secure and maintain the quality of our natural resources is one of our priorities. We believe that by having well-informed and knowledgeable people, especially in the government sector will make it possible to maximize the benefit of existing legislation, and creating more, in order to preserve our e nvironment.

A long-term responsibility of preserving resources for future generations that cover economic and environmental factors. Sustainability enables the environment to be productive and diverse enough to host humanity along with other living organism through effectively managing human impact on the ecosystem based on information provided experts.

Taking steps towards sustainability is a difficult challenge as it entails international and local law, individual lifestyles and urban planning. Measures should be implemented on re-evaluating work practices, altering general living conditions and making new technologies in order for a sustainability goal to be accomplished.

Crown Capital Eco Management also aims to raise awareness of our society getting trapped in progress with only the short-term concerns in mind for failure to protect and conserve our natural resources could lead to irreversible consequences not only in the future civilization but to the whole ecosystem itself.

Along with the recognition that the environment is needed for us to survive is the realization that we must answer for its sustainability and be responsible for managing the great resources we are entrusted with.

Our group strives to make every sector of our society, especially the public, recognize the need for transparency in what is and will be happening to our natural resources in the future. Every individual leaves his mark in the environment and unfortunately, not all of us leave a beneficial one. Therefore, we must be consistent and united in our efforts as a civilization to preserve our nature.

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Crown Capital Management Jakarta Indonesia, crown jakarta capital eco management news

Crown Capital Eco Management works with government bodies, international entities, private sectors and other non-governmental organizations in providing extensive information to the public, media and policymakers that are involved in addressing environmental issues and sustainable initiatives in a worldwide scale. Though our group does not personally conduct research, we analyze and review both recent and old data on technical and socio-economic sectors that are relevant to our field, which is environment preservation.

We are composed of volunteer professionals in the scientific sector, supported by various agencies around the world. Our group is an independent organization supporting programs involving climate change, biodiversity, organic pollutants and greenhouse gases, to name a few.

Crown Capital Management Jakarta Indonesia, crown jakarta capital eco management news

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In less than two decades the Internet has become a valuable communications medium for more than two billion individuals, an engine for economic growth, and a vehicle for social and political change. At the same time the Internet has also created opportunities for fraud, theft, piracy, sabotage, economic- and state-based espionage, and network disruption, issues that involve cybersecurity in one form or another.

The international politics of Internet governance are also in contention. Nations are competing in the international arena to determine which bodies will be responsible for setting standards for Internet technologies and controlling the assignment of domain names. The outcome of this competition will have a profound impact on the Internet architecture, operations, security, and content. Domestically nations are also adapting their legislation to this new regime.

Coping with these issues requires a cadre of policymakers who are conversant with the technologies of the Internet and technologists who are prepared and equipped to work with policymakers. Individuals of both types are in short supply.

This conference brings together experts on the many aspects of cybersecurity and international relations. Its goal is to educate the larger community about the fascinating challenges that exist in this area and to highlight opportunities for creative and constructive contributions.


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